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About Us

We have a unique teaching process which focuses on making a student knowledgeable, think conceptually, write accurately and become confident. So, our teaching method is well defined and suitable to students.

MOST EFFECTIVE STUDY MATERML Gaikwad’s Study Material is meticulously prepared with latest upgraded edition every year by our experts. Each chapter is broken down into small convenient units. This study material covers all the conceptual points, and at the same time avoids chunk of useless repetitive material. The study material is to the point and precise which student’s time and helps them to grasp the subject matter easily.

Teaching Hours Gaikwad Classes are held for as long as students devote their time. This also includes the Concept Development Sessions (CDS) which considerably reduce the time required for students to work meticulously towards his/her aim.

COURSE SCHEDULE The course schedule for the whole year is planned well in advance and given to the students. The entire portion is covered properly in the given time frame, so there is no need of putting extra load on the students at the final preparation time. Last 3 to 4 months are devoted for exhaustive revision test.

TEST SERIES Gaikwad Classes conducts periodic test series for each course. Performance in these tests help students overcome their weaknesses. The test series also increase student’s confidence level, speed, accuracy and scoring ability.

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EXCELLENT FACULTY Gaikwad Classes has the best team of highly experienced faculty. The faculty members possess outstanding academic credentials, in-depth valuable subject knowledge and true dedication to teaching.